Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When the Lord wants to do a new thing He always calls for a people. He calls for a people who would give themselves unreserved to the call. He calls for a people who would rise to the occasion. It doesn’t really matter how many they are.

Alive! Is an event the Lord inspired in the heart of Bro David Okoye to be held every Good Friday of the year. It was first held in 2009 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. This time around it was held in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, the 6th of April 2012. It is an event that inspires commitment to the Heavenly Vision. It is a time when we reflect on the greatest sacrifice ever made by Divinity (God Himself) and the greatest investment ever made on humanity (God’s giving up of His Only begotten Son to die for the sins of the world to purchase man back to God, producing a New Creation).
Alive! 2012 had a landmark effect in the build up of God’s people to step into His destinies for their lives. Although the number of people in attendance was small as we understand that a lot of Churches also hold events to mark Good Fridays which has always been the case in all the Alive! Events. But we still believe that those who came were destined by God to receive what He had for them. Bro David shared an inspiring Word from the Lord titled “HOSANNA: The New Sound”. He highlighted the passion the Lord Jesus had for His assignment here on earth – the redemption of mankind. Explaining that the Hebrew word ‘Hosanna’ means ‘save now’ he established the fact that our divine purpose has a voice that cries out for fulfilment. He also highlighted the place of sacrifice in fulfilling our divine purpose. This led to a moment of supplication and intercession.

It was an amazing experience in the presence of the Lord and we eagerly look forward to Alive! 2013 which would hold wherever the Lord leads.

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