Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello! Welcome to my Blog. I’ve created this blog specially for those who have a deep hunger for God; His Person, Presence and Power. Those who are not satisfied with the basic, elementary and ordinary level. Those who want to dare explore the full potentials of the zoe-life. Those who want to get into a deeper intimacy with God. Those who want to be a part of ensuring that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God spreads like wild fire all over the world. Those who are crazy about God and don’t care about what anyone thinks of them. You’re welcome! In this blog you’d read and view pictures from the perspective of the divine life and it’s influence in this world. Are you desperate for God? Please feel free to drop your questions and comments, they are highly appreciated.

In this blog you shall be reading articles and reports that would encourage and spur you into doing all that is possible to see the Kingdom of God come in your life, family, community and world. Every article will encourage you to live the higher life and be obedient to the heavenly vision.


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