Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The year 2012 has been a Season of Grace for us as a Ministry and we have experienced undoubtedly the overwhelming grace of God in different areas of our lives. This rhythm and theme of Grace came to the climax in LIFE SUMMIT 2012. It was simply a celebration of Grace, the amazing Grace of Lord Jesus Christ. It was an unusual meeting packed with the influence of the Holy Spirit from the beginning of the service to the end. During this epoch event, we had a great time of worship as we sang songs that showed our love and gratitude to the Lord. We also had Priscilla Egbelehulu minister to us in songs of love and devotion to the Lord. It was a time of fellowship. It was a time of the Word. Bro David started by leading the whole congregation in the prayer of salvation and then he prayed for the sick both those present and those represented. Then he began to share the Word. He ministered on the power of the Gospel. Taking his reading from Romans 1:14-17, he explained that the Gospel is good news – the good news of what God did through Jesus Christ for mankind and that this good news has God’s ability to change anyone who dares to believe it. He further explained that as believers we owe the Gospel to those God bring our way every single day, explaining how the Apostle Paul felt and expressed his indebtedness to preaching the Gospel to his generation. This was crowned with a time of prayer and intercession for the nations. The whole building was saturated with the spirit of grace and supplication – everyone expressing him/herself in the spirit. Then came words of prophecies from the Lord as the Holy Spirit inspired words through Bro David. The consistent words were “it comes easy, it’s by grace. No pressures. No struggles.” Glory to God! After sharing some of the things the Lord did through the ministry in 2012, how the Lord greatly impacted lives, opened doors to the nations, provided graciously a good ministry office etc, Bro David declared the Prophetic focus for the ministry in 2013. He explained that the Lord already gave the word as early as in July. He declared 2013 to be Our Year of Honour and Glory: When the Lord is honoured, His glory is revealed. The congregation received the words with great joy. Praise God! He concluded by announcing the passing on to glory of his Mum [Rev. Mrs. Josephine C. Okoye] who passed on April 9, that’s Easter Monday this year (2012). He explained how her life has inspired him so greatly in life and ministry and how she was a vital part of all that was happening in the ministry. He encouraged all to let their lives count for the glory of God. We thank God because we know she’s not lost but resting with the Lord in Heaven. Testimonies followed immediately after the meeting starting with the ministry itself. The Lord delivered into our hands a major equipment for our outreach through one of the ministry’s partners who attended. Other testimonies of what the Lord did during the programme followed and in that same week amazing things kept happening to some of those who attended the meeting, confirming God’s Words. But what thrilled us the most was how the Lord ignited the hearts of those who attended with a holy passion to reach the lost for Him. We had people immediately enroll for our Strategic Evangelism Training after the service. We’d never forget the experience of Life Summit 2012 in a moment. We’re so thankful to the Lord for all He’s done and will do in the coming days. We return all the glory to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

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