Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It was a Supernatural venture! From our departure to our return was absolutely Supernatural – nothing else! We (the team) felt so honoured to have the Lord work in us and through us in the manner He did. It was an experience of the power of God to be remembered eternally. We can’t forget this one in a jiffy.

On the Day 1 of our Mission to Delta State, Nigeria, we held ‘Catch the Flame’ Conference (our believers’ conference which is aimed at stirring up the revival fire of the Holy Ghost in their hearts which will enable them to plunge into the harvest field of the Lord to reap the ripe harvest of souls) at the Ogwashi-Uku Community Town hall. It was a great Holy Ghost experience. We preached the Word of God powerfully by the enabling power of the Holy Ghost. 10 Souls were saved and about the same number were filled with the Holy Ghost. The Lord honoured us with an awesome atmosphere of the Holy Ghost. It was just there in the air. We all enjoyed and soaked in His manifest presence. We’ve never experienced it like it before. Thank God it is the beginning of a new dimension for us. The impact of this meeting was so strong that the attendees were requesting for the Gospel tracts we made available for the conference. Truly, we’ve never given out Gospel Tracts like we did during this event in any other event. We made it clear that we weren’t just going to Delta State to hold an event but to spark up a flame that will continue burning and will spread all over the place. Thank God, that was exactly what was done in the Name of the Lord.

On the Day 2, we left for Otibio Community in Delta State where we were to have an evangelistic outreach. On our arrival to Otibio community, we met with the Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN) Chairman in the community. He received us with great joy and we had a brief talk with him on our mission in the community. We immediately launched out into the harvest for a great haul. We went from house to house, business locations, open and hidden places alike – wherever the souls were. We distributed Tract booklets, Devotionals, little Bibles, etc as we declared the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There was a Word for just everyone – the aged, men, women, youths, teenagers, boys, girls, children – everyone! There was such an awakening and a sudden awareness of the Lord brought about by the Holy Spirit in the community as was revealed through certain experiences and encounters we had from various people we ministered to. The people of this community are so hungry for the Word. It appears that a lot of them only understand Christianity as a religion and nothing else. But by the utterance of the Holy Ghost we bore witness to the living Jesus. When we were through with our evangelistic outreach, we dropped copies of our evangelistic believers’ Tract titled ‘Urgency!’ with the CAN Chairman to be distributed to the Churches in that community, this tract is meant to inspire the saints to becoming passionate and effective soul winners. We also dropped copies of Gospel tracts to enhance their soul winning ventures. We were told that nothing of such had ever happened in Otibio Community prior to this time. The people received the Word with great joy and excitement. By the time we were leaving Otibio, there was great joy in the city!

Please, pray for the people of Otibio and Delta State as a whole that they will continually experience the power of the Gospel and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

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