Monday, December 20, 2010


 So many people don’t know exactly what to do with the last days of a year. Some people seat back and feel sorry for themselves because of the unaccomplished goals and dreams. Some take inventory on how the year was spent. Others even count their successes during the year. Still some ponder on the events of the year – the good, the bad and the ugly. While some of the listed are quite good, I believe there is more to the last days of the year than these.
Let’s take a look at what Jesus did during the last days of events. All through the Gospel of John, we see Jesus reserve the best for the last. In John 2:1-10, we read about the event (wedding ceremony) Jesus attended. Verses 9 & 10 say “…He [the chairman of the occasion] called the bridegroom over and said, "The best wine is always served first. Then after the guests have had plenty, the other wine is served. But you have kept the best until last! (CEV). Also in John 7:37, we read something amazing that Jesus did on the last day of an important feast (the feast of Tabernacles): On the last and most important day of the festival, Jesus stood up and shouted, "If you are thirsty, come to me and drink! (CEV). Jesus literally ends things up with a shout! Think of the fact that prior to these two events; He was faced with ugly circumstances – issues that tend to question His mission and personality – but He chose to end the events with the shouts of victory! It was a matter of choice – He chose to do so.
Why not do it the Jesus way this time? As the days of this year gradually come to an end, achieve more for the Kingdom, win more souls, do more business, do the best of the best and shout aloud His goodness! Don’t let the devil deceive you. Never let anything steal your shout of victory! Your success is not dependent on what you have or have accomplished but on who you are! The extraordinary was the ordinary life style of Jesus. Listen; if folks could predict your next action or the trend of your life, you are living an ordinary life no matter what you think about it.
Friend, make it different this year. Instead of murmuring, complaining or even feeling sorry for your mistakes in the course of the year, why not shout His praise and thank Him for the up coming year – it’s going to be better than this! Besides, anything is still possible between now and 31st of December. In fact, the Lord gave me a Word along this line few Weeks ago about a special goal I had for the year. He said, “31st of December will not come if that goal is not achieved.” Here am I today with the goal achieved and in grand style. Glory to God! Please don’t waste the last days of your year – celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life! What many don’t know is that what they do with the last days of the old year will determine how the new year will be. It’s a spiritual principle! Be wise!
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