Thursday, September 16, 2010


There has never been a time when people are so desperately in need of Jesus than now – this very moment. If you are quite sensitive to the Holy Spirit you cannot ignore the burden you feel for the lost when you come across them. They sometimes try to put up a front as though to tell you all is well or that they are ok with their lives. They try to make you believe that their money, fame and status in the society are good coverings for them. But their very eyes betray them. When you look into their eyes you see hearts crying out “if there is a God somewhere can He please come to my rescue – I feel so terrible!” What the world really need now is not an invitation to Church. Just make a little unprofessional research and see for yourself. It would amaze you how many ‘twice lost men’ are in our Churches today and still feel that they are dying inside – they are in Church but still Christless. No one has offered them the genuine Gospel of the Kingdom of God. What are we really doing?

I think of certain communities close to us, who have never heard the Name ‘JESUS’, and I ask what shall become their fate on the last day. What shall become of their eternities? I believe that God would ask you and me about certain people whom He had allowed to come our way so that they can have the fair opportunity to hear the Gospel, whom we have ignored or allowed other trivial matters to be the bases of our relationship with them. Saint, men need Jesus – they are gasping for the life that He alone gives. Will you take Jesus to someone? Will you preach the Gospel today? Please do, for the time is short!

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