Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Word Revival

I call Psalm 119 (longest Chapter in the Bible) the Chapter of Word Revival. Whenever I to read that whole Chapter, it stirs up in me a new desire for deeper intimacy with the Word of my Father God. It’s so amazing that many people do not like reading that chapter of Scripture because it is a very long one (176 verses). We are, perhaps, too busy to spend that much time in the Word. When we start understanding that the Word of God is the only provision He has made for us to stay whole and deception-free on earth, we would give more attention to the Word. That’s the only way out – no short cuts! It is our responsibility to study the Word enough to be able to build our relationship with God because that is the only language Heaven recognises and the only material with which God works.

In Psalm 119, we see expressions that describe real hunger for Gods precepts, testimonies, statutes, judgements, etc which can be turned into prayers like the Psalmist did. He said: “Revive me according to Your Word” Vs. 25; “Strengthen me according to Your word” Vs. 28; “revive me in Your way” Vs. 37; “Revive me in Your righteousness” Vs. 40; “Revive me according to Your lovingkindness” Vs. 88; “O Lord, revive me according to Your justice.” Vs. 149; “Revive me according to Your Word.” Vs. 154; “Revive me according to Your judgements.” Vs. 156. Verse 100 hits very hard. It says “I understand more than the ancients, Because I keep Your precepts.” Meaning that the Word of God gives you experiential knowledge (the Greek is ‘ginosko’). You don’t have to practically experience things before you learn them, meaning you can avoid mistakes by simply keeping God’s precepts. The Word gives you an experiential knowledge before you get into matters which makes you successful all the way! ‘The ancients’ here refers to the aged. In the realm of the spirit maturity is not defined by age but by how much one does the Word and the results – proofs – he has to show from doing the Word. I advise that you take out time today to read Psalm 119, I believe the Lord wants to reveal something deeper to you about the relevance of His Word in simplifying your everyday life and making you more productive here on earth. Blessings!

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